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Since 2011, PROJECT and Marcus Troy have been providing brands and digital editors with a unique opportunity to meet and engage, to shoot and share content, to create and explore, to build new relationships. 

We're proud to announce the #BloggerPROJECT Winter 2017 lineup, curated by Marcus Troy. 

In this special episode of What A Time To Be Online, the PROJECT Las Vegas edition, Marcus discusses insight on story as the oldest form of communication with Moore & Giles, what's next for Night:Shift Goods, the impact of ideas vs budget with Salvatore Parasuco and the importance of brand integrity with Ray Mate of Mighty Healthy.

We have some of the best digital influencers in the game. Get to know this season's troupe of style aficionados from the #BloggerPROJECT.

Live from PROJECT New York, we're talking marketing, technology, influencers and more in episode 3 of the PROJECT Podcast, featuring Guerrisms, Philip Splendorio of Sprezzabox, Denny Balmaceda, David Helwani of Twenty Tees and more.  

We're talking style, industry and trends, getting personal and laying down beats with the #BloggerPROJECT Podcast hosted by Marcus Troy, Episode 1, Part 2.  

Our good friend Marcus Troy has assembled some of the best bloggers in the game. Get to know the bloggers here and make sure to stop by the #BloggerPROJECT Lounge at the New York and Las Vegas shows to meet them in person.