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European-inspired apparel takes center stage in this exclusive PROJECT editorial.

Created out of love for vintage denim and its Americana roots, Current/Elliott continues to evolve denim's place within the fashion realm.  We went Behind the Brand to find out how they defined an iconic silhouette, how they're adapting to the Ath-leisure trend and what's next for the brand.

Open since 2006, The Park Showroom is the premier multi-line wholesale agency specializing in the men’s & women’s contemporary/streetwear fashion and lifestyle.  Read on the get to know the brands showing at PROJECT in Las Vegas this season inside The Park Showroom.

An exclusive editorial featuring Daniel Wellington. 

Wednesday, November 20 2013

Born in Jamaica and inspired by his adopted city of New York, Matthew Harris has been staking his claim in the accessory game since 2011.  Think masculine, minimal and chic. 

Wednesday, August 21 2013

As the brainchild of Haggar, Life Khaki aims to bring a philanthropic side to fashion.

Tuesday, August 20 2013

The originator of slacks. 

Haggar Co. coined the the term in 1938, and has continued to pioneer the world of menswear through present day. What started as a small men's apparel manufacturing operation in Dallas, Texas, has grown to be one of the most recognized brand names in men's pants.

Tuesday, August 20 2013

Italian Made. 

Since 2007, Italian designers and brothers Lello, Giovanni and Tania Calderelli have been staking their claim in casual men's sportswear. Think clean, comfortable, and chic. Just six years after its inception, Anthony Morato is globally recognized for not only its design, but its practical price point.  

Thursday, August 15 2013
Play it cool and let your style follow your lead.  
That's the Gents mantra. The Gents guy easily navigates aspects of city life and brings it into his own personal style confidently. Balance work and play and dress down any look with a baseball tee or cap that doesn't scream brand names or logos. By blending the basics with sport-infused elements, Gents strikes the perfect balance of fashion and casual.
Tuesday, August 13 2013

 Naida Begeta's Los Angeles based Kao Pao Shu goes beyond the basics. She creates unique, sophisticated, and architectural bags heavily influenced by growing up in a war-torn generation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Monday, August 12 2013

Custom. Sustainable. Colorful.

Huckstraps will be joining us in Vegas for the first time with their line of belts. These belts, however, are one size fits all and completely customizable.

Friday, August 09 2013

It comes as no surprise that Italian footwear brand Ylati is setting the standard for fine Italian footwear. 

Wednesday, August 07 2013

Created by twin brothers, Faherty Brand is the epitome of an endless summer. 

Mike and Alex paid their dues in design and finance jobs - with Mike spending the majority of the past decade designing at Ralph Lauren and Alex working in private equity.

Monday, July 15 2013

We'll be getting a dose of newness next week at PROJECT NYC, most notably from Quinn, which will be launching its men's collection on our show floor.

Monday, July 08 2013

Break free from the gym. Let us introduce you to Outdoor Voices.

The NYC brand has turned its back to the city as it embraces the outdoors and pushes the boundaries of ready-to-wear. This is not your typical workout gear; for a sports-couture label, Outdoor Voices strives to push the envelope and aims to explore beyond its boundaries.