Retail in Review: Maketto DC

Retail in Review: Maketto DC

Thursday, January 28 2016

It's not often we find ourselves in our nation's capital.  This trip however was a one of discovery. We Found Maketto.  



Located on H Street in North East DC, an area that on the verge of being completely transformed by development (think luxury rentals and a tram) Maketto has quickly become a neighborhood draw and a standout on the block.  The layout of the space itself speaks to it's multi-use concept.  2 floors, a roof deck and a back yard make ample play room for a restaurant, cafe, market and endless opportunity for community events, parties and happy hours. 

The restaurant features Cambodian/ Thai / Pan Asian cuisine (come with an open mind and an empty stomach) and the cafe features perfect pastries and Vigilante Coffee, a local DC roaster.   Each section of the space feel open and airy, and invites you to stay, browse or even set up shop and work for the afternoon.

The market features brands we know and love as well as young DC talent, an inspiring mix.  A sneaker wall filled with New Balance & Vans faces off with DURKL vitrines, Topo Design garments and Red Wing kicks. Miansai, Harry's and Fellow Barber grace the shelves.  

We've seen space's like this pop up in NYC but speaking as a DC Native, this truly is an innovative space.  DC's time has come and we're stoked. 

Thanks to our friends at Maketto for showing us around.  

Make sure to stop by for a drink, a bite and some new gear.