Q&A | A Look at Our Brands' Beginnings, Pasts, Presents & Futures

Q&A | A Look at Our Brands' Beginnings, Pasts, Presents & Futures

Thursday, November 10 2016

This November, we wanted to take a look at what really makes our brands tick.  4 brands from some of MAGIC's men's shows allowed us to pick their brains and discuss early beginnings, present day reality, and exciting outlook of their brand and business.  We're talking leadership, vision, strategy, brand DNA and much more.

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Sock it to Me
Find them at THE TENTS   Find them at POOLTRADESHOW

Current/Elliott continues to evolve denim's place within the fashion realm.  Created out of love for vintage denim and its American roots, the collection pays tribute to denim's history as well as its timelessness.  Find out how they defined an iconis silhouette, how they're adapting to the Ath-leisure trend, and what's next for the brand.

Sock it to me reaches out-of-the-box, taking an every day neccessity and combining it with whimsical notions to create a product that is truly extraordinary.  Hear more from Ryan Kingrey with Sock it to Me to find out how they tamed unicorns, bottled the rainbow, opened new doors, and established the Sock it to Me name and community.
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Original Paperbacks
Find them at PROJECT   Find them at FN PLATFORM

With the goal of creating a stellar product that delivered consistency, quality and color to men's closets everywhere, Original Paperbacks was born. We sat with Steve Stanton from Original Paperbacks to learn more about their unique process, strategies and what to expect at the show in February.
Since their casual footwear launch in 2014, Aureus has garnered international recognition, from celebrities, fashion bloggers and press, and it's no wonder why.  Classic cuts meet bold color ways and standout fabrics for a modern aesthetic an unparalleled comfort.  Learn more about this new and noteworthy footwear titan.
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