FALL TREND: The Best of Boots

FALL TREND: The Best of Boots

Wednesday, October 21 2015

Combining a variety of textiles and colors with structure & comfort, boots prove to be one of the most versatile shoes out there.  Fulfill your need for boots this fall with Timberland, Barbour, Trask and more.

Wherever you are in the world, and no matter which season we are in, everyone can use a great boot to round out their wardrobe.  Check out these awesome boot brands you can find at PROJECT this season.  For more boots and the rest of your footwear needs, make sure you head over to FN PLATFORM and WSA at the Las Vegas Convention Center, or further explore on our website.




Insipired by the rich New England heritage, Timberland has a long heritage of creating quality footwear based on the outdoor lifestyle. Whether that invovles the wooded trailes or urban landscape, their efforts continue to give back to the community.

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For over 100 years the Barbour family has continued the tradition of quality luxury goods. Starting with jackets and working into other apparel their products have been nothing short of perfection. Creating a relationship between their product, the customer and the environment Barbour has created a quality good that can be felt the moment you put them on.

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Inspired by the legendary designs of Wisconsin master craftsman A. H. Weinbrenner, Thorgood's new 1892 Collection captures the dedication to quality of Weinbrenner's original handcrafted American footwear and reintroduces the classic profile of Last No. 60 -- renowned in lifestyle circles as the standard in men's casual footwear. 

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With the idea to be different Dr. Martens was born. Created to fill the void in sub-culture clothing options, Dr. Martens was the perfect fit for those who stand against the grain. Bringing together the best technology and design possible, Dr. Martens has lasted over the past 50 years as the go to brand for those who stand for individualism.

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Following the river to your dream: that is the tale that ingnited the spark of Trask. Built upon the idea that through the long journey the dream is found, Trask has created a product that not only looks good but feels good. Quality craftsmenship is the foundation for Trask who has mastered the boot that will withstand any journey you may embark upon.

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