Tuesday, February 07 2017

Get to know the brands of Vanguards Gallery- a curated selection of the best emerging designers today.  

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Founded in 2013, dha|ONE is a men's neckwear brand that specializes in fashionable ties, bow ties, and pocket squares. As a family owned and operated business, dha|ONE is dedicated to customer satisfaction and creating a social impact. Within the first few years in business, the brand has established a clientele of over 1,000 stores and have taken a portion of those profits to share them within community projects all around the world. In the media, dha|ONE has seen two features in GQ Magazine, and several celebrities wearing the brand, including Ben Affleck, Rami Malek, and Derek Fisher. And if they approve, so do we. 


Halsey was born in a time of old ways, in a time when a man’s work was his bond.  To Halsey a product made is an acquisition, not something to be soon discarded. Quality is a measure of a company reputation- and the brand lives up to it.  The brand brings vintage style elements back with refined fashionable products, exceeding the test of time.  With Halsey, comfort and durability go hand in hand.  And in a time when fast fashion continues to grow, we appreciate a brand who understands the value of taking it slow and producing pieces with intention and care.   

Harrington's origins date back to the 1960's american television series "Peyton Place". Ryan O'Neal, in his role as Harrington, was known for always wearing a short jacket with a plain lining.  This characteristic touch was a sensation amongst the youth culture of the time being equally adored by the counter culture and the mainstream alike.  Unmistakable from the start due to its iconic plaid lining it is easy to understand why this jacket became a must-have.  This is what drew a young frenchman in 1985 to bring back this London classic and design a entire line of clothing in the same spirit-- utterly English but completely re-imagined.

Based in Amsterdam, Hommard is a luxury knitwear brand with a strong, premium cashmere heritage.  The brand presents exemplary classics, never compromising on quality.  Since it's launch in 2009, Hommard's collections are relevent, authentic and effortless, targeting a wide range of customers of all ages. We love Hommard for their minimal aesthetic and uniquely dutch sensibility. 


By holding true to heritage and old world manufacturing techniques, Mission Mercantile provides the modern man with stunning leather goods of impeccable quality at a better price, with better service.  The brand controls every aspect of the product from design to manufacturing, providing them with the unique ability to offer world-class craftsmanship at an approachable price point.  Their merchandising is impeccable, their customer service is warm and humble, and they've got abundant warranties to back up their product, which is why they're high on our watch list this season. 



Founded by two Georgia lawyers, the Res Ipsa name comes from the Latin phrase res ipsa loquitur, meaning, “the thing speaks for itself.”  And the brands line of footwear, accessories and handbags absolutely do.  Inspired by and built for travel, Res Ipsa sources interesting, durable materials for products that are comfortable and effortlessly stylish.  By seamlessly infusing old worl manufacturing, cultural heritage and a contemporary design, Res Ipsa successfully produces a line of shoes and bags perfect for any season - no matter where your voyage may take you. 


Inspired by the Patron Saint of the city of Porto and born in 1982, Vandoma is brand owned by Antonio Manuel de Sousa, Lda. The collection of ties, bow ties and handkerchiefs, present a plethora of carefully selected patterns from classical to exuberant.  The brand exemplifies old world craftsmanship, with fabrics exclusively sourced from artisanal Italian cloth makers and assembled in Porto.   Despite receiving international acclaim, the brand has continued to maintain it's family values, making them a great pick for a personal touch from Vanguards Gallery. 



Founded in Hermosa Beach, California in 2012, Wood Underwear produces great everyday underwear and base layers for men. Wood boasts comfort all day long, great materials and a fantastic fit, all at a great value.  And honestly, what more could you ask for?


Founded in 2012 by Zachary Barnhorst, ZB Savoy Bowtie Co. presents a collection of bowties, belts, suspenders, and more killer accessories for the sartorial gent.  The brand's focus is on textiles- and it shows. Sourced bicoastally as well as from India, Turkey and Japan, the prints and fabrics selected lead to a wide-ranging collection to satisfy even the most discerning customer.  Since it's founding, ZB Savoy Bowtie Co. has received wide spread acclaim, from USA Today to Gear Patrol and beyond.  Look out for their new "Wingman" tieless shoelaces this season at PROJECT.