Friday, February 03 2017


It all started with a pair of women's tights.

Based in Venica, CA, Yöggx (pronounced Yaw-ggs) is a fresh, funky brand with an attitude to match.  The product is locally produced with ethical labor standards and locally sourced fabrics- talk about making a small footprint and a big impact.  

We sat down with owner and founder of Yöggx, Colin Hornett, to chat about the brand, it's founding, and how he keeps everything light and fun- from the way he works to the final product.  

We have a feeling you'll leave this interview just as pumped as we were to see what he has in store for us in Las Vegas.  


PROJECT: Thanks for chatting with Colin- can you tell us a little bit about how you came up with the concept for the brand? 

COLIN: I was looking for something different, interesting and comfortable to wear. There were almost no funky comfortable options for men so I ended up wearing women’s tights for the first time. I thought to myself, “these are amazingly comfortable, but too tight and why no pockets?” So I got my sewing machine out and started cutting and playing with patterns and different materials. I’ve made things my whole life, curtains, cushions, tables, beds, friends, good times, so the adventure began. The first thing I made was a pair of zebra pants and a top. It was exciting, but I was nervous because I had no idea how people would react. So I mustered up the courage and decided to go for a walk. I stepped outside my house and the first person I saw looked at me and said “whoa…those are amazing, where’d you get those pants?” Couldn’t have hoped for a better start! 


PROJECT: Seriously! Wow what a crazy story. 

I know! That reaction was so frequent that I took it as a cue from the universe that this is what I should do. So I did, and here we are. Soooooo….I made 200 pairs of pants the first time around. Much to my delight, we moved almost all of them within 2 months.


PROJECT: Everything is locally sourced and produced- can you tell us a little bit about your dedication to being green? 

COLIN: I decided from the start, if I was going to do this, the experience and product had to be as healthy as possible. Everything is made in downtown LA using dead stock material. If I make my own material it’s made from recycled plastic bottles. That way the runs are all limited and once it’s gone, that’s it and onto the next funk. All printing, tags and other materials are also locally handled and made. The goal is to have the smallest footprint possible while making a beautiful and positive impact all driven by love for this planet and it’s creatures. 

I design for people that want to do anything at any time and look dope. Part of the profits are donated to organizations making our world a better place. First collection the money went to Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere (RAKE) and the second collection will support the Native American movement from Standing Rock


PROJECT: Fantastic, we love brands with killer style and ethical sensibility.  Can you tell us a little bit about the most recent collection? Any changes or additions to the line?

COLIN: This most recent collection I added jackets to make full suits and made roughly 500 units. We’ve moved almost 150 units in the first couple of weeks without much advertising or information in the world. People reach out after they meet others who are out Yöggxing, we’ve built a beautiful community and following. It’s amazing how people respond and almost always, they buy more than one, which is an incredible feeling too!

PROJECT: Anything special buyers should look out for at PROJECT Las Vegas this season? 

COLIN: I see Yöggx as wearable art. Wearing your insides on the outside. This latest collection is like my second album being released into the world. For the first time we’ve made our own fabric out of recycled plastic bottles. To celebrate this magical moment and being inspired by the beautiful change, we printed butterflies onto it and made beautiful butterfly suits. Yeah that happened.

We love dope technical features. All front pockets have microfiber inside to clean your phone and glasses every time they go in and out, whoa that’s rad! We also decided to reinvent the overall, which we call the HeeHaa, it’s full of funk and comfort

We've also collaborated with one of our favorite artists and vegan shoe designers (Mayon Hanania @mayonscrayons) to add some more love and another personal touch. She painted an incredible water color painting of Venice, CA., which is where it all started. We printed it onto fabric and use it to line the hidden cuffs of the denim styles and matching back pocket trim.


PROJECT: Awesome, can't wait to see it all in person! Last but definitely not least- what do you see in your future?  What's next for Yöggx?

COLIN: You’re going to see more collaborations with incredible artists of all walks of life.  We are working on over cloak jackets (yeah it’s gonna be pretty epic, and some other special projects. Women have been asking for a tighter leaner cut, so we might just oblige! And of course, we have our latest design for the summer, Yöggx shorts!!!

But it doesn’t stop there. We are constantly enhancing and playing with our designs, features and funk. Whether the cut or collar gets a tweak or we reinvent it completely. We want to impact people in a shockingly positive way. For everyone that has ever told you no, we give you permission to be as funky and baddazz as you wanna be while making a beautiful statement of love and harmony in the world. Want to be you and look dope doing it? #nowyoucan.

Don't forget to register to shop Yöggx and more of the best ethical brands in the industry, only at PROJECT Las Vegas, February 21-23, 2017.