Friday, January 13 2017

Made in Canada since 1997, Quartz Co. manufactures winter-ready parkas in the heart of a true Northern climate, with the majority of their operations based in and around Montreal, Quebec.  This week, we sat down with Jean-Philippe Robert, President of Quartz Co., for an inside look at the brand's evolution. 




Jean-Philippe and Francois-Xavier Robert.

PRJ: The brand was founded in 1997- can you tell us a little bit about it's founding and the brand's ethos and connecting to it's Canadian roots?

JP: The company was founded by Yves Trudeau an outerwear veteran with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. The brand was initially called Quartz-Nature and quickly gained a premium reputation for its warm and functional down parkas, equipping several scientists adventures in the coldest places on the globe. 

PRJ: 2016-2017 marks an important transitional period for the brand- can you tell us about the evolution from Quartz Nature to Quartz Co? What does this mean for the brand & for the collection?

JP: Quartz-Nature became Quartz Co. this season.  We acquired the company with the vision to build on the company’s know-how and highly skilled craftsmen, to create a line of premium, Canadian made parkas designed, for the contemporary Northern Lifestyle. We are proud to make 100% of our parkas in Canada and intend to keep it that way.

Our collection is inspired by the Northern Spirit, a way to live Canadian winter in a quintessential way. Our parkas are clean and minimal yet tough and functional, they are designed to take you from landscape to cityscape and everywhere in between.


PRJ: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your brother / partner & Francois-Xavier Robert, your background and how you're moving the brand forward.

JP: We grew up near Montreal’s fashion district in Montreal and launched our first company together when we were still in high school. We were selling printed shirts like many others. We grew the company while we were in college than went our own ways for a few years - myself working in the luxury industry and Xavier working in strategy consulting in Singapore - before reuniting to acquire Quartz Co.

Having both traveled extensively, we have an international vision for this brand, we want to share the best Canada has to offer with the rest of the world.

PRJ: So much of the success of outerwear brands relies on the fabrics and technology- can you tell us a little bit about Quartz Co's technical details?  How is the product tested?

JP: We are very proud of our construction techniques and materials based on years of heavy testing in the Canadian winter. We create parkas that are both warm and light by  using a laminated polyester shell that is water-resistant and excellent under windy conditions and by insulating our coats with premium Canadian white duck down with superior fill power. 


PRJ: Can you give us a little insight into what we can look forward to seeing at PROJECT this season? Anything exciting coming down the pipeline for the brand?

JP: These are exciting times for the brand, we are getting a very good response for the new collection on the international market and are expanding fast. Clients around the world look for the Made in Canada label as a guarantee of quality for winter products and they are always surprised by how we have refined the parka. As always, you can look forward to a line of clean, well fitted Canadian parkas offering a wide range of lengths and silhouettes, deep colors and premium make.


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