Friday, January 20 2017


Inspired by the creators, players and innovators of their youth, the two brothers Ryan and Curt Flaitz started a new underwear company in 2007, called PSD. But why underwear? The founders saw underwear as a neglected category and undersood there was an emerging generation of consumers who wanted more style, more comfort and more versatility. 

Growing up in New York, Ryan and Curt were connoisseurs of sports and music culture. From an early age, the brothers noticed that amoung the athletes and artists they admired, there were a certain few who stood out- they guys creating culture and not following it. Innovating and not imitating. These were the true players. The guys who didn't care what everyone else was thinking or doing. They lived life their way. 

In the midst of one of the worst economic environments in US history, and a time when everyone else was in retreat, Curt and Ryan saw opportunity - PSD was born with the message, "Wear Your Life." 

Athletes quickly found the brand and fell in love with it. Their message rang true as PSD started popping up backstage and in NFL and NBA locker rooms. With guys like Kyrie Irving, Chandler Parsons and Jimmy Butler now part of the ownership group, that connection runs deeper than ever. Wear Your Life isn't a tagline - It's a way of making your way through the world, and it's a celebration of the creators, players and innovators who aren't afraid to live life their way. 

PSD is just getting started. Creativity and innovation are never ending, and PSD will always be there to celebrate those who do it best.

Make sure to visit their booth this season in THE COLLECTIVE and see what their Spring & Fall '17 collection is all about.