Thursday, January 19 2017


Launched in summer 2011 in France, by globe-trotting Pierre-Yves and Christine, JAGVI is minimalist, smart and relaxed at the same time. With a fitting motto of  "Tailormade for smart travelers", the brand reflects the desire to find contemporary, smart, travel friendly menswear, with smart design.  And with a stunning collection made in France & Portugal and featuring fabrics from Europe and Japan, we'd say they did just that. 

We sat down with Pierre and Christine to catch up on their vision for the brand, it's launch, and what we can expect this season at at THE TENTS at PROJECT NEW YORK

Don't forget to register to attend, January 23-25, 2017 to shop JAGVI and more of the best brands in the industry. 

Pierre-Yves and Christine

Can you tell us a little bit about how you launched JAGVI, and the brand's ethos?  What values was the brand founded on? 

In 2011, we decided to take the leap to launch JAGVI in France.  We'd shared a life between Italy and Scandinavia and tit's from these three cultures (French, Italian and Northern Europe) that we draw so much inspiration. Our common passion is photography essential testimony and refinement of our trips, therefore, we wished to share our aesthetic heritage through a menswear collection. Contemporary, minimalist, urban and inspired by travel. JAGVI means "I and We" in Swedish, the brand is really founded on the ethos of convergence and togetherness.  


How would you definite the JAGVI style? Where does the brand draw inspiration from? 

We define out style by contemporary, minimalist and timeless design, powered by its extremely fine fabrics and color research. We aim to provide well-fitted garments and high-end comfort. Ultimately, our brand is inspired by travel and photography, which is why we're called "JagVi," which translated to "I" and we" in Swedish. 


Can you tell us a little bit about the F/W2017 collection, and what we can expect to see at PROJECT & MRKET this season? 

the current collection reflects philosophy of life, sharing unique moments between urban dwellers with the ambition of a sleek contemporary men style. We're excited to introduce our amazing fabrics and yarns and a combination of ready to wear, shoes and luggage.


What are a couple of your favorite pieces in the collection? 

The City Pant, a well-cut trousers with an exceptional fabrics is a great new addition.  We also love the cotton sweater with a super soft hand feel, made in Japan on an old machine from the beginning of 20 century. Each product is designed to be comfortable and refined. 

We're very excited to launch a new soft knitwear concept, in collaboration with Tollegno, the famous Italian wool yarns manufacturer since 1930.


Where can we find the collection currently? 

You can currently find us in about 40 multi-brand stores and department stores worldwide, Europe (France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain) and in Asia (Japan, Korea). 

  • About 35 multi brand stores world wide, including 4 multi brand stores in Paris. 
  • 3 department stores : Le Printemps (Paris), Galerie Lafayettes (Lyon), Kdw (Berlin) 
  • On line retailers : JAGVI is in the top 10 on the emergent menswear brands in France : Le Printemps on line, L’Exception, Menlook , 20 marketplaces in Europe. 

Don't forget to register to attend, January 23-25, 2017 to shop JAGVI and more of the best brands in the industry.