Wednesday, January 11 2017

Using the most advanced construction techniques and materials, the 2UNDR™ range provides more support than a standard brief with the best fit, comfort and style man has ever experienced. Taking inspiration from the kangaroo-pouch, 2UNDR™ features the unique and revolutionary "The Joey Pouch" to separate a man's most valuable assets from bodily contact to reduce unwanted skin-on-skin contact, providing less chafing, more control and an altogether more luxurious feel. 

We sat down with the executive team of 2UNDR to find out more about the brand's innovative product line. 


PRJ: What kind of support do you offer shops carrying your product?

2UNDR™ Exec Team:

Our focus for 2UNDR™ from day one has been one to provide a unique and profitable new product for shops across the country. We are succeeding in doing this through the hard work and enthusiasm of a very dedicated national rep force backed by an experience sales management team who have provided creative and effective POP and display merchandisers, custom mannequins, generous product test opportunities, flexible and profitable special events programs, and liberal freight and restock programs.

We have over 60+ ambassador athletes in many market categories who wear, endorse and offer user testimonials, their likenesses to be used as as support to the retailers offering validity to all the products. In some cases, they get free underwear from other manufacturers, but prefer to wear 2UNDR.


PRJ: Any plans for expansion into other product categories? 

 2UNDR™ Exec Team:

Yes, we're still expanding in our current categories with new colors, fits, and fabrics to meet the growing demand. We have also just introduced a new model designed explicitly for highly strenuous athletic activities

Our focus is squarely on developing 2UNDR™ products for sports that specifically can benefit from our unique male asset management system. We cannot think of too many sports that would not benefit from our Joey Pouch technology, but we have to look at the unique requirements of each sport to design models that best suit their demands. We currently have models that are designed specifically for Outdoor, Running, Tennis, Golf, Gear Sports (Moto/BMX), Racquet, College Bookstores, Teams and Fitness.


PRJ: Can you describe the kind of growth you've experienced since entering the industry? 

2UNDR™ Exec Team:

Our beginnings were very humble, as it took a while to convince most merchants that performance first layer briefs were a valid entity while offering a profitable new product. Once they convinced themselves with our testing program they pushed some serious consumers to try 2UNDR™.

The results are speaking for themselves; overwhelming client and consumer enthusiasm for the product became the catalyst for some very rapid, controlled growth.


PRJ: What are your goals for the product line over the next couple of years?

 2UNDR™ Exec Team:

We are mainly focused on expanding our customer base in all 7 market categories by offering specialty shops and retailers a profitable and broad 2UNDR™ product range, backed by great programs that help our customers capitalize on the marketing opportunities for our products.

As we continue to grow our corporate mantra is to be a meaningful part of causes that 2UNDR™ can share in and have the ability to give back in some way to help communities and consumers. Presently we are active with: Folds of Honor, the Prostate Cancer Care and Research and Breast Cancer Care and Research Foundations. Recently we have found out our 2UNDR™ product and our patent pending, Joey Pouch™ offers these Prostate Cancer survivors a new way to enjoy their male confidence naturally and securely again.


PRJ: To what do you attribute the brand's success?

Our success is in our branding, and we have the most professional staff of independent representatives, who are experts in their fields, and they work hard to ensure all retailers, their staff, and consumers are educated on the features, and benefits of our superior athletic fit, comfort and performance attributes that differentiate us from all the competition.

We feel our product is at the top of the market due to our athletic fit, utilizing the finest quality Lenzing modal fibers, high quality stitching, a nylon non-roll waistband, no-drip tip™, as well as our most important and patented #joeypouch™.


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Nat’l Sales Mgr., Jeff Curry, at 484 903-3626;